Too Faced Primed and Peachy Cooling Matte Primer

The new Too Faced Peaches and Cream collection launched exclusively at Sephora and there’s been quite the hype about it. Each item has peaches and sweet fig cream, and apparently smells peachy too. The collection includes a matte eyeshadow palette, a peach finishing powder, a loose setting powder, a matte foundation, a bronzer, cream bronzer, highligher, and blush, lipsticks, a setting spray, and of course, the cooling primer.

You can find the whole collection here.

This collection is pretty much all matte, which I feel like was highly requested considering their Born This Way foundation is super dewy and luminous with coconut in it; so this collection should be geared more towards oily skin. I have combination skin, so not all of these products appealed to me.



The Comfort Matte Foundation: I really would like to try this foundation, since I love the Born This Way and I know the formula would be great. But the lightest shade is like, 2 shades too dark for me. It’s the shade Vanilla, which I do have in the Born This Way, but it’s really dark, and I can only wear it in the summer time when I’m tan. If they expanded the shade range I’d be all over this!

*I have dry skin on the outer parts of my face but my T Zone gets oily throughout the day*

The Peach Blur Finishing Powder: This is a no go, it’s been getting pretty negative reviews on YouTube, and it doesn’t seem to do anything for the skin.

Loose Setting Powder: I would rather purchase the Ethereal Setting Powder from the Born This Way collection, but it’s not out of the question.

Sweetie Pie Bronzer: no, it says it’s matte but yet it has obvious gold sparkles in it. Plus there’s pink in it and I just don’t see this working out.

Any of the cream products: No, I don’t like the idea of cream blushes and bronzers or highlighters. They tend to take your foundation off and blend into nothing.

Setting Spray: Nope, I’ve seen it leave white spots on too many YouTubers and I don’t think I’ll ever purchase anything besides the Urban Decay All Nighter or the Skindinavia Bridal Spray.ย 

Eyeshadow palette: Yes, I love Too Faced eyeshadows and this one looks so beautiful! I love the dark cranberry colors and all of the transition shades.

Now for the Primer: this is the only part of the collection I purchased, continue reading for how I like it!IMG_3565

The primer comes in a toothpaste like tube with a pump, which is nice and neat for travelling.

The Consistency:
It comes out with the appearance similar to silly string, that’s the only thing I can think of lol. Its thicker than silly string, but it does look and feel like it, the way it kind of curls up.ย IMG_3843

The Smell:

I don’t think that it really smells like peach. I know a lot of people are sensitive to smells and it really turns them off, but honestly it’s not strong AT ALL. It is so subtle, and I really wish the smell was stronger, as it does smell nice! Although scents do bother me, peaches and cream is something unique and I think it would make me want to buy it just for that reason!


Besides that, when you apply it to your face it starts melting and softening. It applies easily and it sucks up excess oils and really does mattify, but nothing extreme. If you were super oily I would recommend the BECCA Ever Matte over this. My face is not that oily, and this really didn’t erase all of my shine. I don’t mind that though, I do like a little bit of natural shine and that’s exactly what this left behind. It creates a more natural matte rather than a powdered excessive matte.

How It Wears:
It is comfortable, and it does start to feel cooling once it dries. Now, as it dries it does leave a tack to it! I was so surprised, but it was kind of sticky which I LOVE. Tacky primers really allow your foundation to adhere to them, and I was worried this one wouldn’t do that. This was a very pleasant surprise. The cooling sensation was nothing powerful, just a mild refreshing feeling, but it doesn’t last very long. As for being pore filling, it doesn’t really claim to, but I know a lot of people are curious. It does not really fill them in or shrink them. I mean, I don’t really have large pores, but for the size I do have this primer barely minimizes them. I do think there is a small effect, but if you have large pores you may want to try the Benefit pore filling primer instead.

Which Foundations Work Best With It:

I’ve tried this primer with the Too Faced Born This Way foundation, the Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation, and the Wet n Wild Photo Focus Foundation. Here’s what happened:

It works the best with the Too Faced Born This Way! Since that foundation is so luminous, I feel like the matte primer really helped even them out to give a nice natural finish and extend the life of the foundation.

It works well with the Double Wear, but that foundation can get a little dry so that’s why it wasn’t the best – but it still works well and I will continue to use this combo!

It does not work with the Wet n Wild foundation. Although I don’t think this foundation works well at all, I know I know, it’s a cult favorite and everyone loves it, but it feels so heavy and leaves my face feeling itchy. Plus there’s no cool toned shade between Rose Ivory and Peach Natural, so there’s no true match for my skin tone. Anyway, this primer and foundation combo don’t work. I could see lots of little black heads peeking up on my nose and there were dry patches on my cheeks. I won’t be using this combo again.

Overall Thoughts:

I think this primer would work best if you have semi-oily, combo to oily skin with medium sized pores.

  • comfortable mattifying effect
  • cooling sensation
  • smell
  • tacky finish
  • pretty long lasting


  • not very pore filling
  • cooling sensation doesn’t last long
  • wouldn’t work on super oily skin
  • wouldn’t work on super dry skin


I do have a video of me using this product on my instagram, which you can get to via the link in the sidebar! My username is @angelaaaa33



Maple Pecan Latte

In case you didn’t know, Starbucks recently announced their new Maple Pecan Latte, which to me sounds like the epitome of fall. I was SO excited to try this, so I went to the Starbucks on campus, waited in line for ten minutes, and made myself late for Physics class so I could try this drink. You guys, I was so disappointed. I tasted NOTHING like maple OR pecan ๐Ÿ˜ฆ it tasted like a plain latte with nothing special. It was bitter and lacked everything it said it had in it. Now, I’m not sure if it’s because they were super busy and maybe someone made a mistake or something, but I couldn’t even finish it. So, I went home and tried to make my own, and here’s what I did:IMG_3835

Yes I used a K-Cup, lol. It was more convenient for me and I really like using my new iCoffee, which unfortunately I don’t think they are making my model anymore, but you can get a different version of it here:ย iCoffee Davinci
So anyway, I used a Green Mountain Coffee Toasted Marshmallow K-Cup (I don’t usually like Green Mountain, it gives me heart burn so bad, but I did want to use these up and they do taste like toasted marshmallow!) but you can use any K-Cup that you like, the Dunkin Donuts French Vanilla would make a good one! I set the iCoffee to make 8.0oz, (Which is another thing I like about this machine, you can set it in 1/2 oz increments to make the perfect amount!) I added about a teaspoon of maple extract that I had on hand to the mug. This isn’t too expensive and you can get it at Walmart.


Next I added International Delight’s Southern Butter Pecan creamer. I love this stuff, it’s like melted butter pecan ice cream in a bottle. I like to use A LOT of creamer in my coffee, by the way, but if you only want to add a little bit you can, it just won’t be as strongly flavored and creamy. I put almost 1/4 cup of this into my mug and mixed everything together.IMG_3837

To finish it off I added some cool whip and caramel topping, but that’s completely optional, and you do not need to add it. I just like super sweet lattes, I like when it tastes like dessert in a mug!

And Voila! A twist on the Starbucks Maple Pecan Latte! This is a quick and easy way to make a hot fall drink!


Day 21 of 21 Days of Beauty!

The last of of 21 days of beauty is here! I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for 3 weeks already! Today is also the last day to snag deals as Ulta’s 21 days sale, and today they have the Benefit ka-brow! and Mario Badescu ย Vitamin C serum, the Butter London cream eyeshadows, and the Benefit Roller Lash mascara.

For day 21 I’m sharing an amazing highlighter! Okay, so to be honest this is my first highlighter, so I can’t really compare it to other formulas, but I can say that it does its job so well!

This is the Sleek Makeup Solstice Highlighting Palette. It is $14.99 at Ulta Beauty and it comes with one cream and 3 powders. It also comes with a small brush but, we all know what to do with brushes that come with palettes…lol they’re garbage. This palette would complement fair-light skin tones the best, but I think it would also look good on anyone with a cool undertone, since it’s a pretty pink palette.


I swatched this palette both with and without flash (without is on the left, with is on the right)

The first swatch is the cream shade, which is like a rose gold. This is good for a natural wet look, or can be used as a base to layer the powders on to amp it up.

The second swatch is the pink shade in the top right of the palette, this is an icy pink and I like to mix it with the last shade.

The third swatch is the yellow shade from the bottom left of the palette. This one is the most pigmented, and the silkiest of the powders, as the other two are more dry. It’s a light champagne gold and is super blinding!

The last swatch is the peachier pink from the bottom right of the palette. This one is natural looking on its own, it’s like, icy baby pink meets peaches and cream. I use this one the most because it’s the perfect mix of cool and slightly warm shimmer.

This palette doesn’t accentuate pores or texture on me and it lasts throughout the day! That’s it guys! I hope you enjoyed this little 21 days series as much as I did!

Day 20 of 21 Days of Beauty!

These are my favorite body lotions that I can’t be without. I have super dry skin especially after showering and these are a must for me.

The True Blue Spa paraffin super softening hand lotion is SO thick, it’s perfect for really dry skin or the winter time. It also smells really good! This is an expensive hand lotion, it’s $12.00 for 2.5 fl oz. at Bath and Body Works But you only need a pea sized amount every time you use it so it does last a while. Plus, if you get it when they have the buy 2 get 1 free sale (which they do often!) and you get the $12.00 60-second manicure scrub to go with it – which I do recommend! – then you can get a second paraffin lotion and that would make everything $8 a piece.


The Ultra Shea body creams from Bath and Body Works are all amazing, but the mango mandarin scent is my favorite. It’s so citrusy and summery, and even though Fall is coming up, I still love this one. It’s a retired scent though so you have to get it online or during the semi annual clearance when they bring in retired scents. But just in case you hate citrus smells they have so many other ones in this formula!

The Coola Radical Recovery after-sun lotion is a God send for sun burnt skin. It has so many healing ingredients like lavender, rosemary, and aloe, to name just a few. Here is the whole list of ingredients:

Water, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil*, Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Leaf Juice*, Cetearyl Alcohol, Glycerin, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Cetearyl Glucoside, Saccharomyces/Agave Americana Leaf Ferment Filtrate*, Cetyl Palmitate, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Flower Oil*, Citrus Sinensis (Sweet Orange) Peel Oil, Citrus Reticulata (Mandarin Red) Peel Oil, Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Oil, Cedrus Atlantica (Cedar) Wood Oil, Xanthan Gum, Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Extract*, Dehydroacetic Acid, Benzyl Alcohol.

The ones in bold are the certified organic products.

This turns my sunburn into a tan so fast! Like overnight! I also use this even if I’m not sunburnt, sometimes I just want a more natural moisturizer. After I shave I get nasty razor burn on my sensitive legs and this helps to heal them overnight, I love it. If you are interested in this product you can get it here:ย Coola Suncare Environmental Repair Plus Radical Recovery After-Sun Lotion



And finally the Ultra Shea body butters from Bath and Body Works are great too, they’re even thicker than the body cream, and kind of similar to the paraffin hand cream. This feels so good on your legs after shaving, and it helps relieve itchy dry skin. They don’t have every scent in this formula, but it does seem to be expanding! I can’t find the warm vanilla sugar listed online, it may be discontinued, this product is a couple years old! Here is a list of the butters they do have online.


Day 19 of 21 Days of Beauty!

Beauty products are usually thought of as just makeup, but they can include anything that makes you feel beautiful! Today I’m sharing my favorite nail polish with you guys. This brand was introduced to me by my boyfriend’s aunt, who would get me this nail polish as a gift for almost every occasion. I started looking forward to it because I fell in love with this brand! I promise you will too.

What makes a nail polish so good anyway?
I would say this is my criteria for a good polish:

Smooth formula
Long lasting
Opaque color
Quick drying time
No toxic chemicals

That being said, I’d like to share a little bit about the brand. The rest of this information can be found on their website, by the way. Zoya is a sub company of the brand “Art of Beauty” which was started by Zoya and Michael Reyzis in 1986. The couple immigrated to America where Zoya received her cosmetology license. Her husband Michael was a chemist so was able to develop and patent unique products like anti-wrinkle treatments, shampoo and conditioning treatments for salons and spas. He also created the first working fast drying topcoat and the longest wearing, toxin free natural nail polish. Yes, this brand is free of toluene, camphor, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin and DBP (dibutyl phthalate)! These ingredients are common in a LOT of nail polishes, and over time can be damaging to your health.

That already checks off one bit of my criteria!

As for the rest, I can attest to the fact that these polishes are definitely smooth, they aren’t sticky even after they’ve sat for a while. Even the glitters are smooth AND opaque! The pixie dust collection is so unique. It’s so opaque and leaves your entire nail so sparkly. It dries so fast and you only need one coat. Seriously, I put the gold glitter, called Tomoko, on when I’m running out the door and it looks put together and dries in minutes. That’s 3 more criteria checked off! As for being long lasting, I think that the glitter formulas last longer than the rest, because you literally need sandpaper to remove them! The other formulas (satin, metallic, holographic, cream, matte) last a while too but I have a habit of picking my nail polish off, so on me it doesn’t last as long as it should :/

I did get ahead of myself, though. My other favorite thing about this brand is that they have SO many shades and finishes. They have 467 colors in 14 finishes. I mean, look how far I had to zoom out to fit them all on the screen!polish
I mean, I love that they have this many colors because it makes it easy to have a small collection that looks cohesive. You don’t even need polishes from any other brand since they offer any color you can imagine, lol. Okay maybe not that specific, but you get it.

I really appreciate that they have so many finishes instead of the basic cream polish. Here are the finishes they offer:

PixieDust – Texture
Special Effect

Okay, so now for price. These polishes are a whopping $10. But I feel like I can’t even go to Rite-Aid and grab a nail polish for less than $7, so technically they are like, crazy expensive. But, you guys, if you wait until Black Friday, they sell these for $3!! I literally went nuts and bought like 10 of them and gave them as gifts. But seriously, $3!!

Amazon also carries 335 of their shades, which I will link here: ZOYA Nail Polish

Ulta carries this brand for $9 each, if you prefer to get them in store, but they don’t have every color, they only have 40 online, and less in store.

They also have a great brush applicator, it’s not too big so that you make a mess, but it’s not small so that you need forever to apply it. They look so sleek and the handle is a good size.

Overall, if you are looking for a great brand of nail polish, I would definitely recommend giving this brand a try!

Day 18 of 21 Days of Beauty

Makeup tools! The things you use to apply your makeup definitely affect the way your makeup turns out. I’m going to share with you my favorite way to apply makeup, I have a brush for every staple face product except for a highlighter brush. I’m new to highlighting and I’m currently just using a super fluffy crease brush!

My favorite sponges are the real techniques complexion sponge and the small purple concealer sponge.
You can see how well they clean up since I just washed them! If you want a post on how I wash my sponges and brushes comment below and let me know! These sponges are sooo soft and bouncy. They aren’t dense at all and they make your foundation look airbrushed! They don’t absorb that much product, and I think the most efficent way to use them is to apply your foundation in dots all over your face with your finger, then blend it out with the sponge. I don’t like dipping the sponge in the foundation since I think it sucks up more product that way. The small concealer sponge is also good for cream contouring and baking under the eyes, it has a flat edge for making straight lines, or a pointed end for getting around the nose and eyes. If you use my affiliate Amazon link you can get a 2 pack for only $5.99! That is so cheap! I definitely think these are an excellent dupe for the beauty blender, which is $20 for one sponge.
Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge, 2 Sponges in Each Pack

I never thought I’d use a brush to apply foundation, but I fell in love with the it cosmetics heavenly luxe flat top buffing brush. This is so good you guys, and I hate brushes for foundation. You can swirl, tap, drag, whatever you want and your makeup won’t look streaky. It’s pretty dense so it doesn’t suck up a lot of product and it makes applying foundation so fast! Now this brush is pretty expensive, and I was lucky enough to receive it as a birthday gift from my mom. It’s a whopping $48.00 at Ulta, but if you’re willing to splurge you won’t regret it. If not, I did find one that is pretty similar to it on Amazon by Lamora, and it’s only $9.90. You can find it here Foundation Makeup Brush Flat Top Kabuki for Face – Perfect For Blending Liquid, Cream or Flawless Powder Cosmetics – Buffing, Stippling, Concealer – Premium Quality Synthetic Dense Bristles!

For applying setting powder I’m enjoying the La Soie complexion brush. It’s so soft and fluffy so it doesn’t cake up your face. You can also squeeze the brush a little so it’s more dense and curved for the under eye are. I found this at Tj Maxx so it might be a little hard to find, but another good alternative is the large fluffy powder brush from Kestrel. Sometimes you can get these on Hautelook, but I do see them often at Tj Maxx as well. These are both affordable powder brushes that disperse the product evenly without caking up.

For bronzing I love the combination of these two brushes. The Cala beauty bronzing brush from the rose collection is great for drawing on powder bronzer, and the elf flawless face brush blends it out soo seamlessly. I got the elf brush at Ulta for around $3 and the CALA one at Tj Maxx for $4.99. I have also seen both of these at Gabe’s! If you find them snatch them up, lol. I don’t recommend the elf face brush for setting powder though, it’s too dense for that. But it works great for bronzer blending!

For blush the it cosmetics flawless blush brush really does apply blush perfectly. It’s so soft and the angle really lets you customize where you want to apply it. Honestly it cosmetics makes the best brushes! They make brushes exclusively for Ulta, and this is one of them. It’s pricey at $28 but if you have the money to spend and need one, you can’t go wrong with this one! They are so sturdy as well, and the pointed end makes it easier to store. If the money isn’t there right now, Amazon has a bunch of blush brushes, but this one reminds me most of the it cosmetics one. Except this one has a fun pattern and it’s $7.99! Docolor Professional Angled Contour Trimming Blush Brush

And for eyes I just listed my staple brushes. If you need to get started with brushes, these would be all you need. The bottom one is FaceSecrets from Sally beauty and it’s double ended so you get two in one. I love this for applying all over the kid shadows then using the small end for crease and lower lash line. The Elizabeth Mott blending brush is great for diffusing harsh lines, I received this in my ipsy bag, but I did find this on Amazon. Get it with my affiliate link for $15 here: Blending Brush by Elizabeth Mott 100% Synthetic Fibers 0.3oz
The Mary Kay signature crease brush delivers the perfect amount of soft transition shades. Finally, the profusion pencil brush is perfect for applying those dark shades to the out V or for lining the lower lashes. You don’t need to get these exact ones, although all of them are extremely affordable, but if you are just learning I think that finding brushes similar to these would be a great start!

Day 17 of 21 Days of Beauty

Ok so this beauty day post is a little weird; it’s not makeup but I still think it’s beauty related. I love perfumes, I literally collect them. I love everything about them, the pretty bottles…the smells..ugh ๐Ÿ˜Œso here’s my TOP 3, which was hard because I have SO many.

First we have the victorias secret bombshell fragrance. This is my third favorite, and I like to wear it when it’s warm and summery, and when I just wanna feel young and fun, haha. It’s hard to explain the smell but if you’ve ever had the bohemian perfume from American eagle it’s exactly the same. It’s not super fruity or floral, but it’s kinda juicy and rich and sweet.

Notes: Purple passion fruit, Shangri-la peony and vanilla orchid

You can get the fragrant body mist using my Amazon link for $24.99 Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Fragrance Mist
or the Eau de Parfum for $49.99 here: Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Eau de Parfum

Second favorite is the Elizabeth and James Nirvana perfume in the white version. There are a couple of versions but I like the white the best. It’s more grown up than the Victoria’s Secret, and is good for date nights or other occasions. It’s kind of sweet with super subtle floral tones.

Notes: Peony, Muguet, Tender Musk

You get 1.7oz for $85 at Sephora, or 3.4oz for $110.00


Lastly, my all time favorite, is the bvlgari Omnia Crystalline. I LOVE this. It’s so perfect for all occasions, but the best part is, it lasts so long. And the longer it’s on, the better it smells. Seriously. Sometimes I don’t like when it’s first applied so I’ll spray it on my clothes the day before and OMG guys, it’s just so good. It’s so elegant and feminine and rich and robust with how much it changes. It’s so dynamic and ugh, as soon as I received a sample in my Ulta order I was hooked. I had to buy the full size, and so should you!

Top: bamboo, nashi pear
Heart: lotus blossom
Base: balsa wood

You get 2.2oz of this for $82.00 at Ulta, or you can get it with my affiliate Amazon link for $35.00 Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline